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Ahhhhhh—the fresh smell of a brand new laptop, being pulled out of its box for the first time. Breathe it in. This laptop came at the perfect time, considering the PC it just replaced ran an operating system from sometime around WWII. And it goes great with your blazing-fast internet connection. Thanks to your tax return, you finally have the cash set aside to buy it. This is so exciting, you think to yourself.

But instead of seeing a confirmation page, you see an hourglass replace your mouse. Nothing yet. Refreshing the page, you realize the process of checking out—putting in your address, filling in your credit card info—needs to be repeated all over again. But you really want this item, so you take a deep breath, do your best to shrug this ordeal off, and start from scratch on a different web browser.

But when you place your order just to see that infamous hourglass a second time, you get angry—and rightfully so. After all, your personal information is sitting in digital limbo! Something that should be a straightforward and simple process has become an inconvenient mess. So you call customer service. Our system is down, but our IT department is working on the issue. Please try back again in a few hours. Ultimately, you make the decision to use a different vendor, purchasing the item from them in one easy checkout process.

Exactly how many customers did you lose because of this technical breakdown? And what if you could have prevented this from happening in the first place? Well, you could have.

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The database your online store resides in needed a professional assessment to pinpoint weak areas and tune up performance. Your company relies on a database as its digital foundation. This holds true in both physical servers and the digital realm, i. When your database environment is architected well, it distributes workload uniformly between spindles, controllers, and CPUs. The selection active in your database will be analyzed for its effect on both the database and related applications.

The objective is to eliminate bottlenecks and sustain throughput for the entire life of your database. The use of this memory must be distributed carefully across your operating system, database, and applications. Also, allocating a sufficient reserve of free memory is critical to ensure that, during periods of peak usage when the workload is high, enough memory exists to meet the demands of said workload. In every database health check our team performs, we optimally tune the Unix kernel memory-specific parameters where applicable, dedicating a tunable chunk to the database and its memory structures.

Note that a database integrated with Microsoft Windows will behave differently than a database integrated with Unix. For this reason, each OS must be optimized to support your chosen database which, in turn, also requires tuning your database to accommodate your operating system. Part of a health check diagnosis is evaluating the performance of your database and developing a score.

When our clientele connect to their databases, we want to make sure they have the best experience possible.I work every day with lots of customers and on many different projects, however, I have just one single focus — SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization. If you have performance issues, I have probably seen the issue before and can provide a solution.

If you are facing any SQL Server Performance related issues, this service is the perfect fit for you. Trust me — you want me to resolve your performance issues in the shortest period of the time, so you can get on with other things that are more important to you.

No PowerPoints, just practical demonstrations in this fast-paced practical workshop for performance tuning. It is not like regular training, where you learn over many days and barely use the skills in real life. Additionally, lots of organizations are not able to spare their DBA for 4 or 5 days of training, so it takes up their vacation time. If you have a performance problem or just want to talk about SQL urgently, you can hire me for 50 minutes.

Every single day I keep 2 slots available for this engagement. I do not pre-book these slots so I am available to help people with their urgent situations. Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. One stop solution for your SQL Server performance problems. Click Me. On Demand 50 Minutes.Database performance is company performance. Ensure your disaster recovery plan can meet your service level agreements.

It is divided into two phases: An overview checklist designed to quickly spot possible problem areas and a set of detailed sections to investigate in-depth issues involving performance, security, disaster recovery, and clustering. The SQL Server team is then available to assist you with the implementation of any of the recommendations once you approve those efforts. We help clients achieve Increased performance, maximized availability, boosted productivity, and peace of mind with their SQL Server systems.

We would love to help you with your database project or manage your environment, call us Managing Your Databases While you manage your business. Virtual-DBA uses cookies to personalize content and ads. Privacy Policy. Talk with our Health Check Experts Today! Performance Tuning Ensure your disaster recovery plan can meet your service level agreements.

Trouble Shooting Identify common problems and mistakes early, saving costs. Security Audits Uncover security exposures and risks to your environment. Best Practices Detailed report with prioritized concerns and resolutions. Review your business performance from an end-to-end perspective.

Delivering a successful assessment of your database performance by uncovering the root cause of any database performance issues is our goal. Start Your Review Today! SQL Server Replication. What's Next?The other day, I was helping my client of the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Checkand during the engagement, I provided a few scripts which they can use to tune their system.

During the engagement suddenly a Jr. It is a very common question for any organization as most of the large organizations have people changing jobs all the time.

comprehensive database performance health check

Here is the script which will list all the jobs in the system with their current owner. If you see any owner of the job on the list who is about to leave your organization or who no longer owns the job, it is a good idea to change the owner of the job for security purposes.

Microsoft SQL Server Health Check

Here is the output which I got in my current system. As my current system is a demo machine, I currently do not have many jobs here. Let us see how we can assign all the jobs owned by one user to another user.

Here is the quick script. For example, if you want to assign every job in a system that is owned by one user and reassign to another user you can run the following script.

I hope this blog post helps you to learn how to know the user of the job and change the owner of the job.

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Here are a few additional blog posts which are related to this blog post. You can always connect with me on Twitter. Nupur Dave is a social media enthusiast and an independent consultant. SQL Tips and Tricks.

Leave new. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Exclusive Newsletter Website.Here it goes. Here you can check which services are running and which stopped:.

It performs regular checks and sends alerts in the event of service failure. Another thing you need to check is database backups.

Again, you can do it either manually or with SqlBak. You will be notified automatically if any or your scheduled backups failed. If the last backup succeeded, it would be marked as a green checkmark, or a red cross is it failed. In addition, you can check the entire database backup history by clicking on the backup job you need:.

And the most dangerous thing here is that it may happen when you least expect it for example in the midst of your vacation. If you need you can check how much free disk space is left using the following SQL Server statement:. But why not let SqlBak do it for you automatically? If the amount of free memory is approaching some critical value you need to take steps to free it. It is used to keep all transactions prior to committing the data into the data file.

SqlBak Automatic Health Check can help you here as well as it monitors how much space does the transaction log occupy for each database:. Your email address will not be published. Run the following query.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Database servers are more important than ever today. Your data platform enables your business to run effectively, to provide invaluable insights and to give you competitive advantage. Our Oracle Health Check is targeted at assessing the performance, stability and availability of your Oracle based systems. The aim is to detect and correct potential problems before they occur or develop into major defects.

This analysis can be focused on performance, capacity, configuration issues or concerns. Our goal is to help your business prevent downtime and keep a known, predictable performance for your databases servers.

comprehensive database performance health check

Database servers are a major investment for most organisations, and a significant one. Ensuring you are getting the most of that investment is key. We do this by measuring the efficiency of your database server: essentially, is the system 'firing on all cylinders'?

In a complex computing environment, the extent to which these and other issues are addressed will affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the systems in place. The database Health Check addresses these issues of efficiency and effectiveness by having a skilled Oracle engineer assess your Oracle-based computing environment. DSP have developed a set of individual modules to check the health and status of your Oracle Database.

Read more about our Health Check modules below, or contact us for information on bespoke packages. Our general health checks use a combination of leading edge Oracle monitoring tools and bespoke scripts to complete over system checks including:.

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Find out more. Performance Reviews are there for targeted problems or issues with Oracle Performance. These include:. Unsure on how many Oracle Databases you have deployed or how well they meet your architecture guidelines? Capacity Planning is the process of determining what type of hardware and software configuration is required to meet application needs.

At the end of the Health Check you will receive a fully comprehensive report showing all of our findings. These are graded by their criticality to your Oracle Infrastructure and performance impact, and contained within a report that is designed to be readable and highly informative.

DSP are deeply invested in the well-being of our clients, and as such we have designed these module options to align with the most common issues seen by our customers. Our simple targeted Health Check helps our clients tailor their package to any specific issue s they wish to address Our Modules are configured to be turnkey solutions, but if these do not match your needs you can always talk to us about a customised module.

Every environment looks different, so for best results your Health Check should be built to suit your estate. The Oracle health check identified potential problems related to both performance and capacity. A remedial action plan was developed and implemented by DSP principle consultants to re-organise highly fragmented objects within a number of tablespaces. This resulted in a large amount of space being made available to support future growth without incurring additional capital expenditure, whilst at the same time improving reporting and system access to information stored in the Oracle databases.

We will engage to complete the Health Check, before presenting back to you a clear comprehensive report that breaking down all our findings. Any problems will be identified and sorted by:. This is where the rubber hits the road and we can start really improving your system.The other day I had a very interesting experience with one of my client of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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It is a standard process of the health check to identify the workload of the server before making the necessary changes. Let us understand how we can quickly identify the workload type of read-heavy or write-heavy by counters.

It is impossible to give a single solution to both the different types of workloads.

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I have seen quite often that many SQL Server Performance Tuning experts jump into tuning queries and server without understanding what exactly is going on inside the server. Now there are many different methods to know if your server is read-heavy or write-heavy. I have figured out no matter how many different tests I run the method, I have found my method of counters working pretty well. Here is the script which I ran frequently to query the buffer managers.

It is quite simple and easy to get the general idea of what kind of the work SQL Server is doing. If you want to know the accurate count, you can always use Extended Events to capture the DML operations and make the educated decision.

comprehensive database performance health check

However, I know it is extremely complex process and trust me you will agree with me once you try to implement this method as well. If you have any other method, please share with me in the comments section and I will be happy to post on the blog with due credits to you. Another method would be based on disk IO activity.

Nupur Dave is a social media enthusiast and an independent consultant. SQL Performance.

Is Your Database Healthy? The Importance of Health Checks for your Database

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comprehensive database performance health check

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